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data integrity


These are just a few of the Data Integrity services we offer.

To see what we can do for your church, CONTACT US for a free consultation.



Figuring out the first step to fix bad data can feel impossible. Our Integrity Audit checks hundreds of your data conditions against F1 data management standards. It then produces a specially designed report detailing the magnitude of your problem along with recommendations and cost of repairs. Find a sample report HERE.

For many of the FellowshipOne issues identified in your Integrity Audit report, we have built proprietary tools that programmatically and consistently execute corrections without mistakes. And, the costs reflected in your report are only for the number of repairs needed, making it affordable to have Church Champions keep your data clean. Check out a list of all of our repairs HERE.





Duplicate people records can create a reporting and 3rd-party integration nightmare. Our Champions enhance your RockRMS duplicate detecting, or use our very own F1 Duplicate Detector for People & Organizations. Once identified, we resolve all your duplicates while guaranteeing accurate results. More details can be found HERE.

As more and more people move, keeping their addresses up to date in RockRMS or F1 becomes more difficult. Our tools keep them current automatically by using the National Change of Address database maintained by the United States Postal Service. Less mail is returned undeliverable and your location reporting can be highly trusted.  Read about details for FellowshipOne HERE.





Over time, the children in your ChMS become young adults. When this happens it's time to split them out into their own household, separate from their parents. We automate this process in RockRMS or FellowshipOne at the age you choose with total accuracy. Their profile is updated to match their new independent status, ending the need for manual updating.


Data Integrity Services
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