How We can Help

pay us full-time or watch critical systems knowledge walk out the door. We can develop a new process for you, setup the reports, document it,  train your staff & volunteers to follow it and then disengage until you need us again. That's a win-win.

  • Church Operations Best Practices
  • Dedicated FellowshipOne/RockRMS expert on call to answer questions or get you on the right path
  • A part-time Champion embedded into your staff
  • Ministry Process Review, Re-engineering & Documentation
  • FellowshipOne or RockRMS Configuration & Setup
  • Decision Data Reporting and Sharing with Staff
  • Data Migration
  • Staff Training
  • Switching to RockRMS? Been there. Done that. Let us lead the way for you.

Data Integrity Services

We have so many services available to audit and repair your FellowshipOne data automatically, we built a separate page to describe them. Read about them HERE.

These services are designed to help give you the highest accuracy in your data so you can have confidence when trying to use it. We also provide trained people to complete any or all of the manual tasks below so you don't have to: 

  • Duplicate Record Monitoring & Removal  (Merging)
  • Data Consistency       (Address, Phone, Email, Household Position, etc.)

  • Status Consistency   (New from Website, Visitor to Attendee, Attendee to Inactive)
  • Giving Record Matching  (Resulting from Scanning)

Programming Services

We can build the custom computer program you need to interact directly with your FellowshipOne or RockRMS data in an automated way. This can be done via it's API or by other technology that can manipulate any web based application just like a person would. This allows almost any kind of mass updates whether the API supports it or not.

  • New People, Household Position
  • Name, Address, Phone, Email, Gender, DOB, Marital Status, etc.
  • Attributes
  • Contacts
  • and more...

Paraclete Program

We've worked with hundreds of churches to implement their operations on the leading internet based ChMS.  We've seen what works and what doesn't. Let us spend an hour a week with you to review what you're doing, share our insights with you and solve your immediate challenges to make you a more effective FellowshipOne or RockRMS user. We want to help.

FellowshipOne RockRMS Help

Historically churches have had to rely on local staff to learn FellowshipOne or RockRMS, craft effective processes using it, teach others to follow those processes, and then extract useful decision data. That can be a frustrating experience if you don't have the time, don't have anyone with those skills or they just resigned.

With Church Champions, we bear that burden in partnership with your staff. In many cases, we can be more effective in a part-time, remote role than a full-time, local person because of our years of experience working with people to implement common church processes using the technology you already have to get the information your church needs. We are church people too! Let us help.

Champion Services

We want to be your remote FellowshipOne or RockRMS Champion. We can help you with any or all of these tasks for you so that you don't have to worry about getting the most from the systems you're paying for. You don't have to train us, office us, deal with employee issues,