Data Integrity Services

Do you trust the quality of your Fellowship One data?

If you can't say YES, Church Champions can help. We have several several services using our custom automated tools to figure out where things stand, what's wrong and get your data repaired so you can trust it again.

Duplicate Detection

Got Dups?  Frustrated that you can't find them all? Duplicate people records can create a real reporting and 3rd party integration nightmare. We've built a comprehensive Duplicate Detector program for FellowshipOne (F1). It produces a clean, simple file of candidate pairs that likely refer to the same person and should be merged. Each pairing contains all the information you will need to find them in F1 along with a calculated score that indicates how likely that pairing refers to the same person.  Here is short document explaining this service which you can download: Duplicate Detector

Data Integrity Audit

This service takes an in depth look at your data based on our years of experience working with church data to produce a detailed inventory of issues that we know can cause problems when trying to rely on it. A customized summary report of our findings will be presented along with every record identified by every issue. Afterward, we can repair many of the conditions automatically for you or you'll have the exact records to repair them yourself. This audit looks for:

  • Duplicate Individuals   (> 95% probability) 
  • Duplicate Organizations
  • Contact Followup Issues
  • Contribution Issues
    • Checking Account Numbers owned by Multiple People  (but not shared)
    • Person Credited is not the Checking Account Number Owner
  • Unverified Primary Addresses
  • Household Position/Role Issues
    • Missing a Head
    • Parent classified as a Child
    • Has Multiple Heads or Spouses
    • Male-Head / Female-Spouse inconsistency
    • Separated Couple   (Head or Spouse has Divorced or Separated martial status)
    • Deceased Heads or Spouses should be moved to Other
  • Name Issues  (Prefix, First, Goes By, Middle, Last, Suffix, Former)
    • Capitalization
      • Detects all upper case or all lower case names
      • Multiple First or Last Names
      • Standardized O'Boyle, McDonald, MacHern, LePen, Van Dyke, De La Rosa treatment
    • Wrong Field Detection
      • Prefix, Goes By, Middle Name or Suffix found in the First Name
      • Suffix or Former Name found in the Last Name
      • Goes By found in the Middle Name
    • Standard Initials Formatting
    • Hyphenated Last Names
    • ​Standardized "Unknown" First & Last values
    • Question Mark detection
    • Two Person Name detection   (John and Jane Doe)
    • Prefix - Gender Agreement
    • Prefix - Marital Status Agreement
  • Gender Issues
    • Assign Missing genders   (in most cases)
    • Gender - First Name Agreement
    • Gender - Marital Status Agreement  (Ms. vs Mrs.)
  • Marital Status Issues
    • Heads & Spouses should be Married
    • Standardized value for Children
    • Non F1 supported values
    • Assign Missing Marital Status  (in some cases)
    • Deceased should have no MS and the surviving spouse should be Widow/Widower
  • Date of Birth Issues
    • Missing DOB
    • Head or Spouse with a Child DOB
    • Child with an Adult DOB   (Old Children that should be split out)
    • DOB set to 1/1/1900 or using a year of 1900
  • Phone Issues   (Home, Mobile, Work, Emergency)
    • Format standardization to 999-999-9999
    • Relocation of text from Phone field to Comment field
    • 7 digit numbers Missing the Area Code
    • All other numbers not having 10 digits
    • Presence of personal phone numbers still on Deceased people
  • Email Issues
    • Non Lower Case email addresses
    • Presence of personal email addresses still on Deceased people
  • Status Issues
    • Mixed Status Households  (incompatible statuses used by people in the same household)
    • Missing Status Date
    • Missing SubStatus  (when used)
    • Too many System statuses in use

The full documentation on the logic the Data Integrity Auditor tool follows can be downloaded here: Download Me.

Address Verifier

If you have hundreds or thousands of addresses that have been changed by your congregation, we can automatically verify them for you using Fellowship One's own verifying logic. This process compares the address that has been entered to a known set of valid US Postal addresses and then standardizes the capitalization, naming and abbreviations in the address when a match is found.

Our tool goes one step farther by analyzing what has been provided and attempting various changes to get the address to verify if it doesn't on the first try, just like a person would. Verifying your addresses results in these benefits:

  • Standardization & Correction
    • ​Correct wrong capitalization of the Street, City, State and Apartment
    • Correct misspelled Street names
    • Standard abbreviations used for Street, Road, Lane, Trail, etc. Street Type
    • Missing Street Types are added
    • Apartment/Suite number moved to Line 2
    • Missing Apartment/Suite number type is added
    • ​Zip Code is expanded to 5 + 4 value
    • Missing Zip Codes are added
    • Missing State or City is added  (in some cases)
    • Correct wrong City  (in some cases)
  • Moved Addresses are Updated
    • ​All active addresses are compared to the US Postal Service's National Change of Address database
    • If person has moved within the last 4 years, new address is stored as Primary address
    • Old address is retained as Previous address
  • ​Good Addresses are marked Verified
  • ​Bad Addresses are changed to Mail Returned/Incorrect
    • Reason per US Postal Service is stored in address comment 
  • ​Increased Confidence

The full documentation on this tool an be downloaded here: Download Me

​Old Child Splitter

Over time the children in your families get older. When they become young adults, they should split out into their own household separate from their parents. However that is a manual process in Fellowship One. Good news! We have a custom tool that can split out these old children for you and provide you with their new F1 Household IDs, position, status and marital status. The following actions are taken during the split process:

  • The child is moved to their own household
  • The status is updated to one you desire
  • The household position is set to Head
  • The marital status is set to Single
  • The Home Phone, Email and Primary Address is copied to the new household

The Rates page has pricing for all of these services.​